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Mosaic is a comprehensive school management software that offers a range of to help schools streamline their administrative tasks. With Mosaic, schools can manage student data, attendance, grades, and all in one place. The software also includes features for communication with parents and staff, as well as tools for creating and managing lesson plans. Mosaic's user-friendly interface and customizable options make it a top choice for schools looking to improve their efficiency and organization.

Student Profiles

Our Student Profiles feature in Mosaic is an easy way to view all of the key details for each student. It contains information such as personal details, transportation arrangements, class schedule, and more.

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Staff Profiles

Our Staff Profiles feature in Mosaic is an easy way to view all of the key details for each staff member. It contains information such as personal details, class schedule, and classroom location.


Mosaic makes it easy to keep track of important dates and events with the Calendar feature. You can view schedules for classes, extracurricular activities, and school-wide events all in one place.



Mosaic offers a powerful feature: PlanBooks. With this feature, you can quickly see the lesson plans for each class. Stay organized and in control of your schedule with this helpful tool.


Our GradeBooks feature allows you to quickly and easily manage your students' grades. With Mosaic, you can access and manage gradebooks for each of your classes with just a few clicks. Set up categories and Mosaic will handle all calculations and averages. Students and parents receive weekly notifications for low grades and missing assignments, and can check their grades and assignments at any time with their own logins. The Mosaic gradebook is very easy to use, fully integrated with attendance records, and comes with a lot of reports and customization.

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Our Classes feature allows you to easily manage your schedule. With a clear and simple interface, you can easily see all your classes, their times, and their locations in one place. This feature also allows you to easily navigate into a specific class schedule.


With Mosaic's schedule feature, you can easily keep track of all your classes and view important information for each one. Whether you need to check the location of your next class or see who's in your class roster, our schedule feature has got you covered.

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